Below are some pertinent links.

Hallmark Miniatures – These folks are purveyors of 1/6000 scale ship miniatures.  It was with these models in mind that I designed my miniatures rules.  At this scale, a cruiser 600 feet long appears on the gaming surface as a 1.2 inch miniature.  I heartily recommend these miniatures for a number of reasons:

·         The ships are amazingly detailed, given the scale.

·         The small size of the ships permits gaming in a relatively restricted space.

·         Most all ships are available for World War II, World War I and the Russo-Japanese War.  These folks have even cast hypothetical ships and ships of smaller navies (such as Spain and the Netherlands).  They are now producing ships of modern navies.

·         The price is right.

·         Hallmark’s customer service is excellent.  I’ve never had a miscue ordering from them, they take credit cards, and they deliver promptly.

Langton Miniatures  – This is another miniatures manufacturer, with a focus on naval warfare from about 1750 to about 1870.  Langton’s miniatures are works of art.  (Unfortunately, I am no artist and so I have not attempted these.)  The computer assisted rules advertised on the site are quite good for actions between small numbers of ships. 

The Miniatures Page  – This is the source for information on miniatures and miniatures rules on the Internet.

Web-Grognards  – This is another encyclopedic site, but with a focus on wargames generally rather than on miniatures.

David Manley's Home Page  – Here is a well done page by another naval wargaming enthusiast.