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12 December 2016 Well, it has been a while, but I have been busy co-authoring a battle history of the Great War at sea with Vince O'Hara. The book, Clash of Fleets, is a sweeping account of naval actions in all theaters of the war, from start to finish. It will be published by the Naval Institute Press in April 2017. It is available for pre-order now on the Naval Institute Press website and Amazon. The project has been extensive and intensive, and it has been a great honor and an eye-opening experience to work with Vince as an established and respected author of many books and articles. A book is a lot of work.

As I was in the final stages of that project, I was contacted by Richard Dionne. Rich creates VASSAL modules, and was interested in doing modules for "Tonnage War Solitaire." The result was a heavily revised set of rules for the game, which are the fruits of much playtesting and many thoughtful comments from Rich. The revised rules are now posted in place of the original rules on the "Tonnage War" page. They can be used with the same playing pieces as the original rules, although some of the information on the playing surface has changed. Rich is still working on the VASSAL modules; I will post a link to them when he is finished.

During some slack time in the writing of Clash of Fleets, I delved more into the history of the Spanish Civil War. While I am still slowly chewing through material on the naval aspects of that war, I became interested in the sorts of small arms actually shipped to Spain. The result was a study on this topic, which I have posted in the games page with my other studies.

27 December 2014  Arrggh!  While doing some work on a World War I version of "Dark Seas" I discovered that my last post of the rules was a half-baked revision that omitted some key information.  The fully-baked version is now loaded up to the site.

17 December 2014  Happy Holidays!  I posted new counters and scenarios for the Harpoon-Vigorous scenarios in Carrier Clashes.  The scenarios are revised based on Vincent O'Hara's In Passage Perilous: Malta and the Convoy Battles of June 1942.

19 November 2014  Posted revisions to Carrier Clashes based on my research into carrier defenses in the Pacific in 1942.  Revisions include changed attack values for dive bombers, a new combat process for torpedo attacks, and revised mechanics for CAP combat.

12 November 2014  Posted a study I did on carrier warfare in 1942, plus a redo of the FFTS rules, charts, carrier data sheets, and scenarios based on my findings in the study.

8 August  2014 Posted new materials for Fire From the Skies.  The most major change is a redo of the sighting system to make it similar to the card deck system in Carrier Clashes.  I also did a fair amount of rules clean-up as the result of comments received and some test games.

30 May 2014  I redid the oil article after chasing down a number of sources.  The link on the "Games" page now takes you to the revised version.

16 April 2014  In the midst of working on an abstract game broadly based on the American-Japanese naval conflict in World War II, I became fascinated with the details of Japan's struggle to get oil.  The result is a study of that, now posted to the "Games" page with another study I did several years ago on Japanese and American surface warfare doctrine.

15 October 2013  Posted a new game: Fires of Space.  It is my take on starship combat in the mold of space opera science fiction, for which I have a great weakness.

4 July 2013  Posted more updated rules for Dark Seas.  After more playtesting, I went back a bit towards the original version of the combat result rules.  Also posted a revised scenario for the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.  The counterset has updated counters for the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal scenario, as it now includes Tanaka's convoy.  The ships are updated to reflect that fact that South Dakota had an inoperable turret and to fix a typo on the Washington counter.  The new counterset also includes counters to track evading, firing, being fired upon, and moving at speed.  I found that these new administrative counters streamline play even more.

14 June 2013  Posted updated rules, counters and scenarios for Dark Seas.  The rules are slightly tweaked, with combat results now presented in a (hopefully) simpler manner.  The scenario set reflects playtesting and further research into the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

4 June 2013  Posted definitive sets of counters for all of the Carrier Clashes historical Pacific War scenarios -- one set for the Allies and the other for the IJN.

23 May 2013  After a playtest of the long Coral Sea scenario for Carrier Clashes, uploaded revised scenario rules. revised general rules, and revised rules for optional fuel tracking.  The biggest changes to the general rules relate to weather, with some tweaking of victory points as well.  The optional fuel rules do away with oilers as separate ships as not worth the effort, but retain the basic optional concept of using Excel spreadsheets to track fuel use and refueling.

28 March 2013  Uploaded revised Santa Cruz counter sheet and scenarios, deleting Saratoga from the counter sheet and changing the rule on B-17 search attacks to reflect the change in the combat tables.

23 March 2013  Posted new countersheets for the Pacific War scenarios of Carrier Clashes (to match the rules changes of May 2012), revised rules (just grammatical fixes -- no major changes), some revisions to the "Probing the Perimeter" scenario, rules for using Excel spreadsheets to track ship fuel use, and an Excel spreadsheet for the "Probing the Perimeter" ships.

9 November 2012  Posted revised supplemental rules to "Down in Flames," together with scenarios, additional aircraft data and some revised aircraft data.  I revised the early  Bf 109s, the P-38J, and the Ki.61-Ib.  I added French, Soviet and Italian aircraft, some additional British and German aircraft, and additional bombers to the supplemental bomber data.

27 October 2012  Posted supplemental rules to "Down in Flames," in my continuing quest for a Goldilocks air combat system -- not too hard to play, but not so simple as to lose interesting details.  This time, I try to chrome up a simple system rather than dumbing down a complicated one.  For the time spent I spent fooling around, I confess that I do like the result.

10 October 2012  Posted supplemental rules for playing Fire on the Waters on a hex mat.  Playing on a hex mat helps with the determination of ships' courses and streamlines torpedo attacks.  Also posted Fire on the Waters rules to correct a typo -- a paragraph heading that had no associated paragraph.

6 October 2012  Posted "Simple Wings" -- an attempt to streamline the Fighting Wings 2.0 rule set, sacrificing some detail for playability.  I've included an Excel spreadsheets to do calculations for both the simple version and the original game.  I have enjoyed the Fighting Wings games, but feel that game play tends to bog down as the number of aircraft per player rises.  "Simple Wings" is an attempt to retain many of the good ideas of Fighting Wings while speeding game play.

5 May 2012  Posted "Harpoon-Vigorous" scenarios for "Carrier Clashes, together with revised rules, endurance records, and task force blocks.  The rules have several changes, the most substantive being changes to streamline the search process.  There are also changes to surface warfare and sub attacks and attacks on merchantmen, together with a number of clarifications.  One change was to halve attack values for high and medium altitude bombing attacks, and then change the weapons effect table proportionately.  The new aircraft counters for the Harpoon-Vigorous scenario have the adjusted values, but the counters for the Pacific scenarios do not.  

6 April 2012  Posted revised "Toothless Terror" scenarios in the Narrow Seas scenario set for Fire on the Waters, and some minor clarifications to the rules.

26 March 2012  Posted revised rules for Tonnage War Solitaire, after toying with more or less detailed portrayals of individual U-boats.  I finally decided on less detailed portrayals, based on the consideration that the escort commander should not be not in a position to chase the ace U-boats and ignore the novices.  I also added four more convoy actions, covering the period from October 1940 through May 1943.

9 January 2012  Posted expanded scenarios and revised rules for Dark Seas, together with reorganized counters.  Note that the maps are now incorporated into the scenario document.  I know from e-mails (Thanks, folks!) that people are playing most of the games on the site, but I haven't gotten any feedback on "Dark Seas."  While the game just fell together, I think that it has a lot of play value while doing a decent job of simulating the major elements of night surface warfare in WW II.  I hope that some people do try it.

4 January 2012  Happy New Year!  I've uploaded a revised version of "Carrier Clashes," with scenarios for the four great carrier battles of 1942 plus a scenario of a hypothetical 1940 clash between the IJN and the USN.

6 September 2011  With help from Tripod support, I fixed the problem that kept the page links to pdf files from working.  Turns out it helps to have the links identify the file based on the names that Tripod was giving the files, and that these were different than my names for the files before I uploaded them.

31 August 2011  As promised, posted "Carrier Clashes" and a scenario for the Eastern Solomons carrier battle.  I think I'll try a set of Midway scenarios next, just to try out the "what ifs" -- what if the US carriers showed up later, what if Saratoga were added to the US forces, what if Coral Sea hadn't happened, etc.

30 August 2011  Stand by for "Carrier Clashes," an operational level game of carrier warfare in 1942.  I'm sorry for the long delay in updating the page, but I was side-tracked by the financial crisis.  I've surfaced again, however with the intent to do some clean up on "Dark Seas" and more development on a Mediterranean naval campaign game.

5 July 2008  "Night Battles" is now "Dark Seas," with more playtesting, rules revisions, eight scenarios, and more maps and counters.

26 May 2008  Posted some revisions to A Christmas Battle, in the "Red Flag, White Ensign" scenario set for Fire on the Waters

5 January 2008  More clarifications to the "Night Battles" rules posted, plus a revised Barents Sea scenario based on playtesting and some slightly revised ship counters.  The counters add some chits to track spotting modifiers.

1 January 2008  Happy New Year!  I've added a revised version of the "Night Battles" with some clarifications and some revisions to the dummy rules, revised scenarios with new victory conditions, a new (untested) scenario, new counters, and a set of sheets for organizing TGs.

26 December 2007  Updated the "Night Battles" rules due to a goof on spotting values.  Sorry about that.

25 December 2007  Merry Christmas to all!  I've just posted a new game that just "fell together" while I was struggling with my naval campaign game.  It focuses on the surface night actions of World War II, and tries to show the uncertainties of those actions by incorporating many "fog of war" features.  I designed it as a way of resolving tactical combat in my campaign game, so it is quick play.

1 January 2007  I updated the QP.11 and Barents Seas scenarios, based on research into the merchant ships involved -- both in the "Magnetic North" scenario set.

31 December 2006  I updated the Harpoon scenario, based on more research and some play testing.

23 September 2006  I updated the air ops charts for the Fire From the Skies Wake and Coral Sea scenarios.

15 December 2005  Well okay, I decided to update the New Arrivals scenario in "Narrow Seas," now that I know that the Hunts were potting at German minesweepers rather than a convoy.  And I updated the Bee Swarm scenario based on new information on the elusive 22cm coastal artillery piece.  Turns out that it was a French army gun used by the Germans for Atlantic Wall coastal defenses.

10 December 2005 (again)  I realized that I forgot to add the final 'Narrow Seas" scenario.  It now on the site as Escape to Boulogne.  I also fixed the title to the Action off Imperia scenario in the "Mare Nostrum" set.

10 December 2005   I added The Bee Swarm to the "Narrow Seas" scenario set.  This concludes (I think) the changes and addition that I have from reading German Fleet at War.

4 December 2005   I posted a corrected version of October Surprise in the "Magnetic North" scenario set, as January Surprise.  I had inextricably placed the action in October 1944 rather than January 1945.  Also posted a revised version of the first North Cape scenario, in the "Magnetic North" scenario set.

27 November 2005  I've added two new scenarios to the Narrow Seas scenario set and two to the "Mare Nostrum" set.  I also posted a revised merchantman ship data sheet with some editing but no substantive changes, and a revised set of miscellaneous small ship data sheets that now includes the La Melpomène class.

26 November 2005  In a burst of activity brought on by reading Vincent O'Hara's book (see below), I corrected the Ist scenario, added a scenario in which a US destroyer takes on a German minelaying task force, and updated the Action off Corsica scenario, all in the "Mare Nostrum" scenario set.

24 November 2005  Okay, so it's been a while.  I posted an action in the "Mare Nostrum" scenario set featuring a French destroyer raid.  I've been reading O'Hara's German Fleet at War 1939-1945 and have uncovered new details of a number of engagements.  Stand by for updated scenarios.

8 January 2005  Happy New Year, and I posted a revised version of the "Harpoon" action in the "Mare Nostrum" scenario set for Fire on the Waters.  It's changed to reflect additional information gleaned from the British official history and a book on the air campaign over and around Malta.  I'm also struggling with a WW II campaign naval system.

4 December 2004  Posted a redo of "Coal, and the Kaiser" using D20 rather than D10, and included rules for play on a hex mat.

29 August 2004  Posted Dogger Bank ships and record sheets for the "Coal, and the Kaiser" rules, and noted that the ship turn charts and counters for the game were the same as those used for "Fire on the Waters."

24 August 2004  Posted a beta version of "Coal, and the Kaiser" -- relatively quick play rules for the 1904-1918 era.  Next on the agenda -- testing these rules out further and doing more work on WW II naval campaign rules.

18 August 2004  Having uncovered more information about the engagement portrayed in the Fire on the Waters scenario "Revenge" (from the Four Against Japan scenario set), I posted a revised version.

10 July 2004  In response to some questions from Jeff Cox, posted revised Fire on the Waters rules with some clarifications about torpedo combat.  Also cleaned up and reposted the tables and condensed tables for the game.

5 July 2004  Well, it's been a while, but summer activities started early at my house this year.  Posted SC 104, a scenario for Tonnage War Solitaire.  I have more than a dozen convoy battles yet to post.  I've also been spending time on a World War I surface warfare game, trying to devise a system that copes with hoards of light units while preserving the "feel" of big gun warfare.

5 April 2004  Posted condensed versions of the tables for Fire from the Skies, slightly revised rules for Tonnage War Solitaire (with revised rescue ship rules), and a revised version of the HX 231 scenario. 

26 March 2004  Posted condensed versions of the tables for Fire on the Waters, omitting the gun mount charts (now that the latest versions of the ship data sheets incorporate these) and shrinking the charts by the adroit use of very small print.

29 February 2004  Posted a hypothetical scenario for Fire from the Skies -- positing a Pacific naval war in 1940.  I've always wanted to match F3Fs, BT-1s and SBCs against A5Ms, D1As and B4Ys.

14 February 2004  Posted Halifax 231, a scenario for Tonnage War Solitaire, together with counters for the convoy escort.

7 February 2004  Posted new data sheets for merchantmen, after concluding that they were a bit too hard to sink.  Put links to the updated ship data forms. 

10 January 2004  Posted a second convoy battle scenario for Tonnage War Solitaire, and reposted the counters with ship and aircraft names for the escorts.

1 January 2004  Happy New Year!  Posted a new game: Tonnage War Solitaire -- not a card game, but a game pitting a human convoy commander against remorseless, rules-controlled U-boats.  Give it a try!

29 November 2003  With some excellent comments from Joseph Keller, reposted the rules to Surface Action and the River Plate scenario.

8 November 2003  Okey, I did find a few more scenarios worth writing up.  Posted today in the Mare Nostrum scenario set is "Battle of Harmil Island."  I also reposted the table to Fire from the Skies after discovering some errors in the AA tables and examples.  Sorry about that!

20 October 2003  Posted "Behar's Vengeance" in the Four Against Japan scenario set.  I'm also working on a few more historical and hypothetical scenarios for Fire on the Waters, based on some new source material.

21 September 2003  Posted the last programmed surface action scenario for Fire on the Waters: "Action off Skerki Bank" in the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

30 August 2003  Posted "Barents Sea" scenario to Magnetic North scenario set.  Only one scenario left to post now (although I do have a few obscure actions and some hypothetical scenarios to work up).  Any guesses on the last scenario?

17 August 2003  Posted revised Fire on the Waters rules, with tweaks to the fire rules.  These are a companion set to the Fire From The Skies rules that I posted yesterday.

16 August 2003  Posted the last scenario to the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set: "Casablanca."  Okay, it's not the British or the Germans, but it is an Atlantic scenario.  Also posted revised Fire From the Skies rules and charts, with a few rule fixes and a new bomb damage system.

20 July 2003  Posted the last two scenarios for the Narrow Seas scenario set: "Into the Breach" and "Last Gasp."  That leaves the Red Flag, White Ensign, Mare Nostrum, and Magnetic North scenario sets to complete.  I'm playtesting a hypothetical 1940 USN-IJN carrier action, and working on some revisions to the FOTW damage rules to fiddle with the effect of fires.

4 July 2003  After a lovely vacation, posted "Tin Can Collision" to the Lance's Point scenario set and "Action off Manila" to the Closing Rabaul scenario set.  These two scenarios complete the Pacific War historical scenario sets for Fire on the Waters, although you may see some hypothetical scenarios in the future.  And of course there are carrier battle scenarios yet to come.

7 June 2003  Added "Action off Marsala" to the Mare Nostrum scenario set and "Glowworm" to the Wilfred and Weserubung scenario set.

18 May 2003  Added "Ormoc Bay" to the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

26 April 2003  Added "Action off Corsica" to the Mare Nostrum scenario set, and updated Surface Action ship record sheets from Chris Duncan.

13 April 2003  Added Battle of Punta Stilo to Surface Action page.  Added scenario descriptions to Surface Action page.  Corrected and replaced Second Sirte scenario in Surface Action.

30 March 2003  Added referee rules for Fire from the Skies.  Added Wake Island scenarios to Fire from the Skies.

15 March 2003  Added blank ship forms to the Surface Action site, courtesy of Chris Duncan from the UK.

9 March 2003  Added "Kormandorski Islands" to the Lance's Point scenario set.

2 February 2003  Page clean-up: fixed link to Coral Sea scenarios for Fire from the Skies, fixed link to Coral Sea ship cards for Sea Wings, fixed link to Fire on the Waters play counters (which include the chits for the chit pull to hit method, starshell counters and torpedo launch markers), posted Designer's Notes for Fire from the Skies, posted new rules file for Fire from the Skies (no substantive changes -- I just put them in a two column format).

1 February 2003  After realizing that I had inadvertently reposted the tables for Fire on the Waters with an early version of the Fire from the Skies tables attached, reposted the FotW tables without the old FftS tables.

25 January 2003  Posted "Action off Endau" in the Four against Japan scenario set.

21 January 2003  Posted Fire from the Skies, the carrier warfare add-on to Fire on the Waters, together with Coral Sea scenarios for the rules set.

5 January 2003  Posted "Turned Tables" in the Narrow Seas scenario set.  The frequency of posts have been slowing due to my work on Fire From the Skies, the air warfare add-on to Fire on the Waters.  I'm getting close to publishing something.

7 December 2002  Posted revised rules and charts for Fire on the Waters, featuring revisions to fires, explosions, and damage control.

28 November 2002  Posted "Denmark Straits" in the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set.  It's an old chestnut, but with some interesting historical options.

11 November 2002  Posted "Action off Enogai" in the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

19 October 2002  Posted "Cape Bon" in the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

29 September 2002  Posted "Glorious Ambushed" in the Wilfred and Weserübung scenario set.

15 September 2002  Posted "River Plate" in the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set.

31 August 2002  Posted "Empress Augusta Bay" in the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

25 August 2002  Posted "New Arrivals" in the Narrow Seas scenario set.

25 August 2002  Posted "Ajax Alone" in the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

28 July 2002  Posted combined ship charts for "Fire on the Waters."  By popular demand (well, a couple of people wrote in), put the gunnery values on the ship data charts.

6 July 2002  Posted "Balikpapan" in the Four Against Japan scenario set.  Also, I've lately having fun with Martin Bourne's "Shipwreck" rules for modern naval warfare (Vandering Publishing).  I include on the "Games" page a Shipwreck scenario that I developed to explore the rules.

22 June 2002  Posted "Against Neptune" in the Narrow Seas scenario set.

9 June 2002  Posted "Cape Cherchell" -- another Spanish Civil War scenario for Surface Action -- and reposted "Cape Palos" in the same section with corrections.

25 May 2002  Posted "The Passionate War at Sea" and "Cape Palos" -- the first of a series of Spanish Civil War scenarios -- in Surface Action.

12 May 2002 Posted "Harpoon" in the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

14 April 2002  Posted a revised Santa Cruz scenario and a new Coral Sea scenario in "Sea Wings."

11 April 2002  Posted "Bey versus Mountbatten" in the Narrow Seas scenario set.

30 March 2002  Posted an extensively revised version of "Sea Wings," featuring table top play, a new streamlined surface combat system, and a number of refinements.  This is a precursor to the "Fire from the Skies" air combat system to supplement "Fire on the Waters."

9 March 2002  Posted "Savo Island" in the Lance's Point scenario set.

24 February 2002  Posted "Kolombangara" in the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

9 February 2002  Posted "Kerkanah Bank" in the Mare Nostrum scenario set.  I'm also working on the aircraft rules for Fire on the Waters.  This flying stuff is trickier than it looks.

18 January 2002  Posted revised Fire on the Waters data sheets for various Royal Navy destroyer classes, redone as a result my readings in a reference work that Santa stuffed down my chimney.

30 December 2001  Posted the hypothetical "Action off Malaya" in both "Surface Action" and "Fire on the Waters" formats.  The Surface Action version includes both a night action and a larger daylight action.  The "Fire on the Waters" version is in the "Four Against Japan" scenario set.

22 December 2001  Posted "Mousetrap" and "Riposte" for the Narrow Seas scenario set, an article on naval surface warfare doctrine, and a corrected "Vian versus Bismarck" scenario in the Ocean Raiders scenario set.  Thanks to Andy Tucker for spotting the omissions in the latter.

10 December 2001 (Round II)  After discovering that I had created a .pdf file for it but never posted it, I post "Naval Battle of Guadalcanal -- the Cruiser Action" to the Lance's Point scenario set.

10 December 2001  After another long work-imposed gap, added "Naval Battle of Guadalcanal -- The Clash of the Light Forces" to the Lance's Point scenario set.

28 October 2001  Added "Cape Matapan" to the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

13 October 2001  Added "Ocean Raiders" to the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set.

29 September 2001  Added "Sparring off Norway" to the Wilfred and Weserübung scenario set.

2 September 2001  Added "First Blood in the Channel" to the Narrow Seas scenario set.

25 August 2001  Added "Action off Ulsan" to the Togo rules.

18 August 2001  After a vacation imposed hiatus and a fried mother board, I'm pleased to post in the computer assistance section my first Visual Basic 6.0 game assistance program.  It handles combat and damage die rolls for Fire on the Waters.

20 July 2001  After a work-imposed hiatus, posted "Bali Strait" to the Four Against Japan scenario set.

30 June 2001  Added "Tassafaronga" to the Lance's Point scenario set.

9 JUN 2001  Added several game assistance programs written in QBASIC (a BASIC programming language that came with some versions of Windows).  These are in downloadable zip files -- I hope.

27 MAY 2001  Added "North Cape -- the Kill" to the Magnetic North scenario set.  Revised the armor values for the Norfolk, which were incorrect in the previous two North Cape scenarios.

12 MAY 2001  Added "North Cape -- the Pursuit" to the Magnetic North scenario set.

6 MAY 2001  Added "North Cape" to the Magnetic North scenario set.

21 APR 2001  Added "Cape St. George" to the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

8 APR 2001  Added "Edinburgh" to the Magnetic North scenario set.

24 MAR 2001  Added "Second Sirte" to the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

16 MAR 2001  Added "The Channel Dash" to the Narrow Seas scenario set.

3 MAR 2001  Added "October Surprise" to Magnetic North scenario set.

18 FEB 2001  Added "Badung Strait" to Four Against Japan scenario set.

3 FEB 2001  Added "Vella Gulf" to the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

27 JAN 2001  Added "Narvik -- Warspite Weighs In" to the Wilfred and Weserubung scenario set.

13 JAN 2001  Added the "Duisberg Action" to the Mare Nostrum scenario set.

7 JAN 2001  Added "A Christmas Battle" to the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set.  (I planned to add it last week, but discovered that I had not done a "D" class cruiser data sheet.)  Spruced up links navigation.

30 DEC 2000  Added "Vian versus Bismarck" to the Red Flag, White Ensign scenario set.

19 DEC 2000  Added "Sea Wings" rules for carrier warfare and "Kula Gulf" to the Closing Rabaul scenario set.

11 DEC 2000  Added "Odds and Ends" to the Narrow Seas scenario set, after again prying Combat Mission's fingers off of my windpipe.

2 DEC 2000  Added "Cape Esperance" to the Lance's Point scenario set, after tearing myself away from Combat Mission

18 NOV 2000  Added the "Trinidad Action" to the Magnetic North scenario set

11 NOV 2000  Back up after a prolonged absence due to Tripod Frontpage 2000 problems; broke the link to the game assistance programs, as the files were not downloading properly; reloaded the scenarios that I tried to load on 21 OCT

21 OCT 2000  Posted "Vella Lavella" scenario in Closing Rabaul scenario set

7 OCT 2000   In a flurry of activity, posted "Revenge" scenario in Four Against Japan set, "Toothless Terror" in the Narrow Seas scenario set and a series of game assistance programs

24 SEP 2000  Posted "QP.11" scenario in Magnetic North scenario set

17 SEP 2000   Posted "Bay of Biscay" scenario; reorganized Fire on the Water scenarios into eight scenario sets

4 SEP 2000      Posted "Narvik" scenario

25 AUG 2000   Posted night action in the Java Sea for Fire on the Waters and Action off Samar for Surface Action

13 AUG 2000    Posted scenario generator for Fire on the Waters for Royal Navy versus Kriegmarine battles in the narrow seas

4 AUG 2000      Posted links, play example for Surface Combat, and (yet again) a corrected Vian versus Bismarck scenario

29 JUL 2000      Tweaked Surface Action and Togo rules in response to comments, fine-tuned Surface Action scenarios to match rule changes, added Sidon scenario for Fire on the Waters

23 JUL 2000      Added Bismarck versus Vian and corrected Second Sirte and First Guadalcanal scenarios for Surface Action, posted examples of play for Fire on the Waters and Fire on the Waters tables with slight corrections

15 JUL 2000      Added Naval Battle of Guadalcanal -- Capital Ship Engagement for Fire on the Waters

7 JUL 2000        Added flowchart for Tonnage War game play

5 JUL 2000        Added Cape Spada scenario for Fire on the Waters