While each Fire on the Waters scenario comes with all of the ship data charts needed to play the scenarios, some folks have asked for the ship charts to be posted separately.  Below are all of the ship charts that I have worked up for the game system, with the exception of aircraft carriers.  These will appear with the long awaited (?) air war module.

The ship forms are posted by navy, with destroyers and smaller ships in one document and cruisers and larger in another.  Merchant ships are posted separately.  Unlike the forms that I have posted with the scenarios, these forms have the gunnery factors for the ships' guns added to them.  They also list the "maximum values" for torpedoes and make certain other detail changes on a ship-by-ship basis.  In the event of a conflict between these forms, the forms posted here prevail.

German cruisers and larger                                 German destroyers and smaller

French and Dutch cruisers and larger                   French, Dutch, and Russian destroyers and TBs

Japanese cruisers and larger                              Japanese destroyers and smaller

Italian cruisers and larger                                  Italian destroyers and smaller

British and Commonwealth cruisers and larger        British and Commonwealth destroyers and smaller

US cruisers and larger                                       US destroyers and smaller