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Fire from the Skies is the naval air warfare add-on to Fire on the Waters.  The game is of moderate-to-high complexity, portraying carrier to carrier combat on an operational level.  It is designed as a two-player game, but it makes extensive use of limited intelligence.  It is designed for cardboard counters for ships and aircraft, although miniatures may also be used.  It includes rules to incorporate aircraft into Fire on the Waters engagements.  Each turn equals 20 minutes of elapsed time, with a game portraying a day's action.  The game components include:

         The rules of the game,

         The tables for the game, which include examples of play,

         A ship formation diagram, and

         Various play aids.

The rules describe the additional equipment needed to play the game -- including dice, pencils and paper, and four decks of playing cards, with jokers.  Because this game is an add-on to Fire on the Waters, players will also want to have the rules and tables for that game, also available on this site.

Fire From the Skies Rules

Fire From the Skies Tables (Pacific: May 1942-November 1942)

Fire From the Skies Tables (Pacific: June-December 1940)

Fire from the Skies Designer Notes

AA Formation Template

Aircraft Counters -- Sheets of one-half inch Japanese and American aircraft counters

Armament Counters -- Sheets of one-half inch counters used to record the weapons that strike aircraft are carrying

Air Formation Boxes -- One sheet needed for each air base or aircraft carrier to track the status of aircraft in flight

Allied Turn Record

Axis Turn Record

Coral Sea Scenarios

Wake Island Scenarios

Probing the Perimeter Scenario