The Games

Fire From the Skies

These scenarios portray a fascinating what-if from the early days of the Pacific War. Shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese tried and failed to take the isolated American outpost at Wake Island.  The Japanese did not give up, however.  The second Japanese invasion attempt closely coincided with an American attempt to reinforce and resupply the garrison.  But the Japanese were quicker than the Americans, and Wake fell just before the American forces were in a position to intervene.  Included below are links to:

  •     Two scenarios, each depicting a day of battle,

  •     Ship data diagrams for carriers involved in the scenarios, and

  •     Carrier operations diagrams for all carriers involved in the battles.

Wake Island -- Mutual Surprise

Wake Island -- Mini-Midway

Air Operation Charts -- A collection of charts, including all those needed for the Wake Island scenarios.

Carrier Ship Data Sheets -- A collection of ship data sheets for aircraft carriers, including those needed for the Wake Island scenarios.