Fires of Space


Here is my take on battles between big ships in space.  This rules set has a deliberately 20th century naval warfare flavor, but with adaptations for space and far future technology.  Included are the rules, tables, designer's notes, a series of ships from various space navies, scenarios, a probability table for 20 sided dice, counters, and a 50 by 50 hex map.  With the map are marked map sections showing showing the map's center hex and deployment areas for tactical scenarios.  Ideally, the game is played with two 50 by 50 hex maps: one for operational movement and the other for tactical engagements.  In a pinch, a single map can double as both the operational and tactical map.  Finally, I include a copy of the Excel workbook that I used to create the ships in the game.

To play the game, you will also need a D6 and a few D20.

Fires of Space Rules

Fires of Space Charts

Fires of Space Designer's Notes

Fires of Space Scenarios

D20 Probability Table -- minimizes the number of die rolls needed during game play

Fires of Space Counters

Blank Ship Specifications Form

Ships of the Combinados Fuerzas Espaciales Navales de la Conferencia do los Americanos Interstelares

Ships of the Extrasolar United States Navy

Ships of the Force Espace Europa Fédérée

Miscellaneous Ship Types

Ships of the Royal and Commonwealth Worlds Navy

Ships of the Ruang Tentera Laut

Ships of the Rossiya v zvezdakh morskoye verdomstvo

Ships of the Tianti Haijun

Ships of the Tentai Nihon Kaigun

Ship Design Excel Workbook


Separate map sections for use with the tactical map:

Center Section    Direction 1 Deployment Area    Direction 2 Deployment Area    Direction 4 Deployment Area   

Direction 6 Deployment Area    Direction 5 Deployment Area (A)    Direction 5 Deployment Area (B)

Direction 3 Deployment Area (A)    Direction 3 Deployment Area (B)