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And now for something completely different.  "Simple Wings" is an attempt to simplify the Fighting Wings 2.0 air combat system.  I admire the Fighting Wings games, but sometimes get frustrated by the many mechanics that players must crunch through to fly their planes.  I have tried the computer versions of the rules published long ago, but computer games frustrate my with their rigidity.  I can't control the urge to tweak them.  The rules below try to rebalance the game closer to the playability side of the accuracy-playability scale.  You will see that they do this through a number of simplifying rules changes and by the use of an Excel spreadsheet format to be used as a flight log.  For those that want all the detail of Fighting Wings, I also include a spreadsheet that automates many of the calculations required by the game as the original rules are written.  These rules and spreadsheets are not approved or endorsed by the designer or publisher of the Fighting Wings rules.

Simple Wings Rules and Tables

All the rules changes and tables for the Simple Wings game.  You will also need a copy of the Fighting Wings rules and tables.

Simple Wings

The Excel spreadsheet used with the Simple Wings rules.  The rules explain its use.  It was written for Excel 2010, but converted to Excel 97-2003.

Sample aircraft charts.  The Simple Wings rules require supplemental aircraft data charts that are used with the ADCs from the Fighting Wings game set.  Here are examples of the supplemental charts.

Hellcat and Val

Spitfire XIV and Me 109G

Spitfire I, Hurricane I, Bf109E and He111H

Fw190 and P-47

A5M4 and I-16

Simple Wings Conversion Factors

Conversion factors to create the supplemental ADCs.  These deal primarily with deceleration, aircraft defensive strengths, and weapon attack strengths.

Fighting Wings 2.0 Logsheet

For fans of Fighting Wings 2.0 as it was written, here is an Excel 2010 spreadsheet (converted to Excel 97-2003) that handles much of the calculation required in the course of the tactical game.  For instructions on use, see the Simple Wings rules.   This spreadsheet is used like the spreadsheet in those rules.  Note that the spreadsheet contains one cell containing the diving acceleration value of an aircraft (cell D74) and one cell containing the climbing deceleration value of the aircraft (cell D73).  These values are generally 1.0 for diving (that is, 1 accel point gained per level dived) and 3.0 for climbing (3 decel points for every level climbed).  A handful of Fighting Wings aircraft use different values, however, and these can be substituted for the values in these cells.

Here's an example of a completed game using the this spreadsheet: Bf110C vs Hawk 75-1.