Much of Germany’s surface naval war against Britain was fought in some of the most inhospitable seas known to man -- the forbidding waters bounding the Arctic Ocean.  In these waters, the enemy’s opposition often seemed secondary to the sheer fury of the northern gales.

Although the British had largely withdrawn from the Norwegian Sea after the Germans consolidated their hold on Norway, the German invasion of Russia brought the naval war to the northern seas again.  The British pushed heavily escorted convoys around the North Cape to Russian ports.  The surface ships of the Kriegsmarine bided their time in the deeply indented fjords of the Norwegian shoreline, generally emerging in bad weather that neutralized British airpower.  When the Germans did come out, the results ranged from missed opportunities through skirmishes to battles to the death.

Note: For older scenarios, see the updated ship forms on the  FOTW Ships page.  These have been revised to include the gun tables on the forms, to make merchant ships easier to sink, and in other minor details.

Barents Sea -- The Germans pounce on a British convoy to Russia

The Trinidad Action -- German "super-destroyers" duel with an Allied convoy escort in bad weather

Convoy QP.11 -- A German destroyer force runs across an Allied convoy bound for Russia

Edinburgh -- Can the escorts of a crippled Royal Navy cruiser keep her safe from marauding German destroyers?

North Cape -- When the Germans spot a British convoy on the Murmansk run, the Scharnhorst comes out to play.  This is the first of three scenarios based on the Scharnhorst's sortie.

North Cape  -- The Pursuit -- After an initial brush with British cruisers, the Scharnhorst disappears.  In this scenario, the Royal Navy forces searching for her find her again.

North Cape -- The Kill -- In the final act of the Scharnhorst, the German ship meets a British battleship.  (Note: I revised the armor values of Norfolk for this scenario.  The revised values should be used for the other two North Cape scenarios.)

January Surprise -- Tipped off by Ultra, a British cruiser force looks for some transiting German destroyers.