Tonnage War Solitaire


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Here is a solitaire game that simulates a World War battle between an Allied convoy and German submarines, with the player taking the role of a convoy escort commander.  Supplied components include:

         Rules and charts.

         The game's playing surface -- four pages to be printed out and pieced together.

          Counters and stickers for the game.

      Convoy battle scenarios.

Note that playing the game required  a twenty-sided and a six-sided die.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Tonnage War Rules --These rules were revised as of 12-1-16, based on extensive playtesting and comments from Richard Dionne

Tonnage War Solitaire Playing Area --Playing area revised for new rules. Print the playing area in "Poster" format from the pdf printing screen. It should print on four pages.

Tonnage War Solitaire Counters

Sydney 7 -- An example of a convoy action from October 1940, when the war was very hard for the escorts and the merchantmen they were trying to protect.

Slow Convoy 48 -- October 1941, and the United States Navy takes an active part in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Slow Convoy 104 -- The U-boats close in on a slow convoy with a mixed British-Norwegian escort group.

Slow Convoy 107 -- October 1942 again, a U-boat spots a ripe target off the coast of Canada.

Outbound North 115 -- The Canadians fight off U-boat attacks against a fast convoy in July 1942.

Outbound North Slow 144 -- November 1942, and a reduced escort tries to fight off a wolfpack.

Halifax 231 -- In April 1943, the U-boats locate and attack a fast convoy in the mid-Atlantic.

Halifax 237 -- "Black May" for the U-boats, with augmented escort groups, new escort carriers and new weapons for the escorts.