Here are the games available on this website.  All are available using Adobe Acrobat.

On counters and cards:

Some of the games come with counter or card sheets.  Turning them into counters or cards is simple.  First head out to the nearest office supply mega-store and buy art board and spray adhesive.  (Alternatively, buy adhesive-backed paper instead of spray adhesive.)  Get thicker board for counters, thinner for cards.  Next, print out the card or counter sheet.  Third, spray the back of the sheet with the spray adhesive, Fourth, carefully stick the sheet to the board.  Finally, using scissors or an X-acto knife and a metal ruler, cut out the counters or cards.  Voila!  As an alternative to art board, you can get small colored wooden blocks from Columbia Games -- perfect for "fog of war" games where unit identities are hidden from the opposing player but visible to the player owning the unit.

In the hopper:

Rules to link "Dark Seas" with "Fire on the Waters,"  a redo of the "Carrier Clashes" Harpoon-Vigorous scenario after having read Vincent O'Hara's "In Passage Perilous" (which I recommend), and a high level "Red versus Blue" game broadly based on the American-Japanese conflict in the Pacific.


Fire on the Waters   Fire From the Skies   Surface Action    Togo    Tonnage War    Random Event Cards    Sea Wings    Tonnage War Solitaire    Coal, and the Kaiser    Dark Seas    Carrier Clashes   Simple Wings   Down in Flames House Rules    Fires of Space


Computer Assistance Programs    



Small Arms of the Spanish Civil War - One naval aspect of the Spanish Civil War was the importation by both sides of large quantities of small arms. This article attempts to trace the types of small arms delivered to both sides.

Carrier Defense in the Pacific War - A look at how the USN and the IJN attempted to defend their carriers in 1942, by the numbers.

Japan's Oil Puzzle - A study I did on Japan's oil problems in World War II.

A Tale of Two Doctrines - An old study of mine on Japanese and American surface warfare tactics in World War II.


Cat and Mouse - Shipwreck Scenario