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This is a simple, quick play, rule set covering surface actions in World War II.  The game is designed for use with 1/6000 scale ship miniatures.  The time scale is 5 minutes per turn and the distance scale is 1000 yards to the inch.  The game components include:

·         Rules, tables and designer’s notes, and

·         Scenarios.

You'll also need some counters, which are easily made by marking up some pre-made blank counters.  Specifically, you should have some counters numbered 1 through 12.


The rules provide a general framework for fighting out naval actions in World War II.  The scenarios provide the details of specific battles.  Fire on the Waters scenarios are also suitable for use with Surface Action, as the distance scales and subjects are similar.  Note that the reference in the rules to event cards should be ignored for now -- but see the separate module on random event cards to get a sense of what's coming.

Those wishing to concoct their own Surface Action scenarios will find Surface Action values for many US and Japanese ships in the scenarios for Sea Wings. 

The blank ship forms below are in Word format.  They come courtesy of Chris Duncan in the UK.


Maneuver Turn Gauges

Play Example

Blank ship forms:

British Ship Forms      German Ship Forms      Japanese Ship Forms      US Ship Forms

Russian Ship Forms     Italian Ship Forms


Battle of the River Plate -- The classic duel between the Graf Spee and the Royal Navy.

Battle off Malaya -- A hypothetical night action in December 1941, pitting British battleships against Japanese cruisers and destroyers.

Second Battle of Sirte -- Dogged defense of a British convoy against long odds.

First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal -- A barroom brawl with the lights out.

Bismarck v Vian -- The British try to soften Bismarck up for the kill with a night destroyer attack.

Action off Samar -- During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a Japanese striking force surprises light American forces.

Battle of Punta Stilo -- An early war fleet action between the British and the Italians.

The Passionate War at Sea -- Some background on the naval aspects of the Spanish Civil War.  

Cape Palos -- A night fleet action from the Spanish Civil War.

Cape Cherchell -- A daylight convoy action from the Spanish Civil War.