Unlikely as it seems, Norway was a crucial transportation link for Germany. Germany imported much of its iron ore from northern Sweden.  In the summer months, the ore was shipped via the Baltic Sea.  In winter, however, the Baltic froze over, and the ore traveled by railroad to northern Norway and from there by ship down the Norwegian coast. 


In March of 1940, the Germans and the British prepared competing plans to deal with neutral Norway.  The British plan – Operation Wilfred – was designed to block Norwegian coastal waters with mine and force the ore carriers into the open ocean where the Royal Navy could deal with them.  The German counter – Weserübung, was aimed at invasion and occupation of the country.


The collision between these two plans sparked a series of naval actions between the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy.  The German plan was audacious, calling for a series of landings all along the long Norwegian coast is the face of superior Royal Navy forces.  A force of ten Kriegsmarine destroyers supported the northernmost German landing at the port of Narvik.  These were covered in turn by the battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.  Cruiser Admiral Hipper and four destroyers made for Trondheim, while other German naval forces supported landings further south.  The northernmost German forces would be met with the Royal Navy forces engaged in Wilfred.  

Note: For older scenarios, see the updated ship forms on the  FOTW Ships page.  These have been revised to include the gun tables on the forms, to make merchant ships easier to sink, and in other minor details.

Glowworm -- A Royal Navy destroyer finds trouble off the Norwegian coast.

Sparring off Norway -- British forces find the German covering forces off the Norwegian coast.

NARVIK -- Warburton-Lee's Attack -- The Admiralty directs British destroyer forces in the vicinity of Narvik to strike at German naval forces there.

NARVIK -- Warspite Weighs In -- After British destroyers raid the Germans at Narvik, the Royal Navy returns with reinforcements.

Glorious Ambushed -- Bad news for the British during the evacuation of Allied units from Norway.