Fire on the Waters


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This game of moderate-to-high complexity portrays tactical surface combat in World War II.  It is designed for use with 1/6000 scale ship miniatures.  Each turn equals 4 minutes of elapsed time, and 1 inch on the playing surface equals 1000 yards.  The game components include:

·         The rules of the game,

·         The tables for the game,

·         The designer’s notes,

·         Game counters, and

·         A scenario for the game.

I also included some random ship counters for those without miniatures.  Don't try to match them to any particular scenario.

In Fire on the Waters, the rules provide the basic mechanics of play.  Each scenario specifies the ships, relative position of opposing forces, victory conditions, and special rules for a particular battle.  At present, I have 80 posted scenarios for Fire on the Waters.  The scenarios are organized into 8 scenario sets, with each set collecting scenarios from a particular place and period.

Rules and Designer Notes

Charts and Tables

Condensed Charts -- omits the gun mount charts, as gun mount values are now incorporated in the latest versions of each ship's data sheet.  Also shrinks the other tables down to 8 pages of 9 point type.

Gunfire Play Example

Torpedo Play Example

Ship and Turn Record Sheets

Maneuver Turn Guides

Play Counters

Ship Counters

Red Flag and White Ensign -- Open ocean encounters between the British Royal Navy and the German Kriegsmarine.

The Narrow Seas -- Engagements between the Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine in European coastal waters.

Wilfred and Weserübung -- British and German naval forces collide during the German invasion of Norway.

Magnetic North -- The Kriegsmarine tries to stop Allied convoys to Russia.

Mare Nostrum -- The Royal Navy and its allies takes on the Italians and the Vichy French in the Mediterranean.

Four Against Japan -- The Japanese strike against the British, Australians, Dutch and Americans in the Pacific.

The Lance's Point -- The United States Navy and Japan's Nihon Kaigun batter each other in the waters around the embattled island of Guadalcanal.

Closing Rabaul -- Late war Pacific scenarios drawn from actions in the Solomons, Aleutians, and Philippines.

Ship Data Charts for Fire on the Waters -- Collected data charts for all ship classes represented in the game.

Revised Royal Navy Destroyer Data Sheets -- Revised date sheets for Royal Navy destroyers.  Scenarios posted after January 16, 2001 have these revised data sheets provided with the scenarios.  These should be used in place of the data sheets posted for scenarios before that date.

Doctrine Article -- An article I did several years back (just for fun) on Japanese and American surface warfare tactics in World War II.

I have been experimenting with Fire on the Waters played on a hex mat.  I do not use the hex mat hexes to measure ranges or movement, but I do find the mat helpful to set courses and plot torpedo launches.  Below are some supplemental rules for using a hex mat and a torpedo launch record that is useful with a hex mat.

Hex Mat Supplemental Rules            Torpedo Firing Record